a four-seater version of the Tesla Roadster?

Due to the fact that it is designed as a two-seat sports car, the Tesla Roadster does not provide a four-seat configuration.

 The Tesla Model S, on the other hand, can be configured to have either five or seven seats, and it also has three different rear seats that can be folded down into the floor.

This is ideal for those who frequently transport a large number of passengers.

 It's possible that the two specialised Roadster seats are more capable and pleasant, but these seats sometimes have adequate room for a few more people.

In addition, individuals who have large families may want to consider purchasing the roomy all-electric Model X SUV, which comes with seven seats.

Even though the Tesla Roadster only offers three seats, there are other options available within

 the Tesla series for customers that require transportation for a larger number of passengers.